1970-1977 - Michigan Community College Community Service Association

1997 - Name changed to Michigan Association of Continuing Education and Training

Past Presidents

The President of MACET typically serves for one year.

Bo Garcia

Past President (2010-2011)
Dean, Community Education & Workforce Development
Preferred phone: 517.483.9639

Scott Govitz

Past President (2011-2012)
Executive Director, Economic & Workforce Development
Preferred phone: 989.386.6624

Susan Hatto

Past President (2013-2014)
Dean, Community & Workforce Education
Preferred phone: 989.328.1254

Sandra Bachert

Past President (2014-2015)
Business Services Manager
Preferred phone: 248.232.4173
Director, Student Placement & Training
Preferred phone: 989.386.6629