Why the Giraffe?

The giraffe is rare in the civilized world, and is viewed as "A strange and marvelous beast, the like of which had never been seen", by a traveler to Constantinople in 1597.

The giraffe represented the highest accolade that an ancient Arab could give his horse by claiming that his steed could overtake the giraffe.

The giraffe shares leadership responsibilities with various members of the herd, with no one animal consistently in control.

The giraffe displays a willingness to allow male and female animals to share leadership with the herd. The giraffe exhibits much individualistic behavior while still maintaining the group identity.
The giraffe holds its head high among the tree tops and is therefore able to scan the distant horizon, detecting danger signals long before they are recognized by other species.

The Giraffe possesses keen sight and acute hearing which provide the essentials required for survival in a hostile environment.

The giraffe has never been adverse to sticking its neck out!